Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
10/25/06 01:55 PM
Re: NWA & Boeing 787s [Financing Secured]

Hi Avsigers -just back from a navy squadron reunion in florida, so have been off line for a few days. The good news is that the hangover is mostly gone.

Ya, in the 70's, NWA could get very large teams of cleaners at various Asia locations to quickly clean our new wide body aircraft. I mean VERY large hard working, non union teams.

The cleaning teams in USA were much smaller and more expensive.

Add on the requirement to keep these birds in the air a LOT, and increased cost of labor at most locations -yields dirty aircraft.

Load factors approaching 100% only make the problem worse.

International aircraft with long flights do indeed get very dirty with a lot of stuff. Shorter domestic flights don't have quite the same problems.

If it's too bad then passengers/travellers should just drive to their destinations and vacations. Or take the bus or AMtrack, which I'm sure are a lot cleaner than most Northwest aircraft?

NWA bought 22 new B747 in 1969-1970 (yes at 22M each). Then we also bought a batch of DC-10's. Both these aircraft carried more passengers than our coming 18, 787 fleet. A LOT more passengers.

Hi load factors, dirty aircraft, still somewhat cheap fares, bothersome security stuff, and, oh yes, an ever better safety record following an already outstanding record remains in our travelling future (IMO).

Yes, the medical profession is indeed looking at the commercial passenger aviation industry for help in the area of safety results.

Still if any major carrier could make a 2-3% profit margin it would be almost an all time record. Look at most other large industries which are in the 10% ball park. (Well Ford and GM are not looking so good right now, but banks, large farming, defense, and a lot more are indeed in the 5-10% range.)

Jet engine reliability is so good to be off the charts. Thus two engine long haul aircraft are much the norm for some time over great distances without airports. Never had a ditching to my memory, but the Azores B767 was indeed a very close call.

I guess we could have a potential future splash sometime, but I've been saying that for many years and events have proved ole Dux wrong.

And mywife and I routinely go to Europe on B767 aircraft or A330's.



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