Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
11/20/17 03:56 PM
Re: Battle of Britain location footage


08:14 film footage........filming of 'Battle of Britain' in 1968

Thanks for that film, made me recall several things from back then when I'd first been commissioned into the CAF when Gerald, Lefty, Lloyd and Connie went over there to fly. And Gerald got that "well done" for landing and saving the two-place Spittie on fire. And that B-25 of Jeff Hawkes and the subequest idea we got for that rear camera deal that we used later on to film me in the B-29 at Bill's feet. And that Messer landing with an excess of speed and "pinning'" it instead of lowering the tail Other stuff, interesting!

best, randy

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