Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
10/02/17 05:38 PM
Re: Southwest Airlines

I'm not sure this is not some distant B-737 story (never flew the aircraft-Northwest decided on A-320 to replace our big fleet of B-727s -and then I was on my way to B-757 stuff and then a return as Captain to the B-747.

The story -long ago, was Alaska using gravel guards on the intake of their old B-737 aircraft for some very old runways -probably in Alaska. Hnnn, this just might be an ole Dux memory item, perhaps never happened.

I wonder what is the size of the Southwest B-737 fleet? Perhaps 400 aircraft. Guess I could check it out quickly.


Dux -perhaps 20 minutes in the left seat of a new AA Boeing 737. OK on autopilot at FL 380 from SEA to DFW. Delivery flight -no passengers. Yep, it had AofA at about the 4 O'clock, heads up display. Old Navy pilots like that stuff.

Only the left seat of the AA new birds had headsup display. Not sure if that is an option that some carriers would not include.


Dux -heads up for a lot of rain tonight in Minneapolis.

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