Ralph Hood
(Top Gun)
08/12/17 10:21 AM
Re: Battle of Atlantic

I grew up in Brunswick, GA, on the coast halfway betwixt Savannah, GA and Jacksonville,FL We had a shipyard there, and some of the ships were Torpedoed shortly off the coast.

Although I was born in 1941, I still remember:


Beaches were off-limits (we rented a house on the beach one summer--I went to the beach after dark--Daddy ran to get me and found me just before a jeep full of military men found us and held guns on us)
Seeing a ship launching
victory in Japan celebration
FDR's death

Most of this I remember because my father was a history buff who told us how important all of the above was, and why. On VJ Day he came home,picked up my sister and me and took us downtown to see the (wild!) celebration.

Ralph H

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