Richard Palm (PAO)
(Top Gun)
07/10/17 08:10 PM
Re: Picture of Earhart in Marshall Islands?


Good detective work Stephanie! They are close, but still, no cigar. I don't recall she having enough reserve fuel for another airport. Until they find real evidence, I am concluding they went down at sea. Interesting picture however.


They claimed that she would have had four hours of fuel left at the time that they think she gave up on trying to find Howland. I checked the distance from Howland to Mili Atoll, where they think she landed, and it's about 766 NM, which would have required a ground speed of 192 knots to reach in four hours. However, if they're right that she was blown to the north by winds different from the forecast, then that distance would be inaccurate.

Distance as Measured on Skyvector (For convenience I measured to a current airport near where they think she landed.)

If anyone's interested and didn't get a chance to see it last night, it can be watched on the History Channel Web site until August 14th:

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