Terry Carraway
(Top Gun)
12/27/17 08:23 AM
Re: WTF?! Colors and Spinning


If this happens again:

Retard throttle to idle ...
Ailerons neutral. ...
Full opposite rudder. ...
Forward elevator ...

(Maybe a real flight instructor should chime in here?)

The spinning purple & pink place this morning was only a subtle reminder that our Sig III move is just days away. Anyone who lost their breakfast: I'll buy next time.

Throttles Idle

Rudder and Ailerons Neutral

Stick Abruptly full aft and hold

Rudder Abruptly apply full rudder opposite spin direction (opposite turn needle) and hold

Stick Abruptly full forward one turn after applying rudder

Controls Neutral after spinning stops and recover from dive

T-37 Single Spin Recovery Bold Face.

I did have to look it up, but I remembered the basic steps, just not the exact wording.

But hey, it has been almost 37 years since I flew the Tweet.

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