Ward Miller POU-NY
(Top Gun)
12/05/17 05:33 PM
AVSIG III questions

Mike, as Scott pointed out, for 25 years (even today) I've just
double-clicked on the AVSIG logo on my desk top, then pressed "n" (for new)
and in a few moments I see the new posts since my last visit. I just press
the space bar to go from one to the next. That's both straightforward and
simple. And that is usually all I want to do with AVSIG.

>> A list of messages posted since your last logon appears to the right of
the forum list. <<

On my screen, to the right of the forum list I see "Jump To--" and a list of
the forums. If you mean to the right, within the forum list, I see the name
of the last (?) poster, which may have been long before my last visit. I
don't see a list of unread posts, that I'm seeking.

Q: What is a "channel"? If I click on "Mark Channels Read", what happens?

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