Bill Bridges - 9S1
(Top Gun)
07/29/14 10:51 PM
Re: Question for You Army Rotorheads

It is a formation flight. This is how it would be organized on the runway. When flying out of MMAF in SE Asia we might have 20 slicks lined up on the runway, just like these four were, nose to tail and everyone depart at once in one big flight. As soon as the slicks were up the guns would do the same thing and join up with slicks with the guns evenly divided on each side of the formation of slicks. When taking off or landing it is much easier to fly in a trail formation. I never flew a multi ships insertion that was not in "straight" trail.

When helicopters are flying into an airport (controlled or not) it will land/depart on the runway just like an airplane and follow the taxiways just like an airplane unless otherwise instructed by ATC. I've been into a lot of large airports such as KDAL, KOKC, KTUL in helicopters and I always landed on the runway and followed a taxiway to parking.

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