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Sig FAQs & nothing but Sig FAQs ...

Tell me more about AVSIG

AVSIG is the oldest online aviation forum in the world, founded in 1981.  We've been here for your airborne safety, knowledge, and just plain love of aviation for over a quarter century!  AVSIG is member supported, however you may register a Username and post messages without becoming a paid member (approximately half of our discussion and library sections are visible to non-AVSIG members). 

Please drop by our 25th Anniversary Pages for the complete AVSIG story as we know it to-date.


Why register a username?

Registering a Username gives you two advantages over lurking anonymously on AVSIG:

1. You will be able to post messages and become part of the greatest aviation discussion community on the web and,

2. You will be able to edit your profile and personal control panel to customize your view of the forum, message filtering, and post tracking.


Why do you ask for two e-mail addresses during the registration process?

The first e-mail address you register is used for e-mail notifications, forum subscriptions, and to e-mail your password. The second (optional) e-mail address you register is what other users see when they view your profile.


Do I have to accept cookies?

If you'd like to participate as a logged-in user, yes. Cookies are used to track your Username/Password and new posting activity.


How do I login?

If you have registered an account (Username) on AVSIG, please login to customize your view of the forum and activate message tracking. To login, please click the "Login" link in the upper-left corner of any AVSIG forum screen. This link will take you to a page where you can enter your Username and Password.   (Please keep in mind that your password is case-sensitive).

If you have any private messages waiting you'll see a flashing envelope at the top left of the menu bar upon login. You can now enter the main forum area by clicking the "Main Index" link at the top of the page. This will list all AVSIG public message sections for you if you are a public guest and all public and member sections if you are an AVSIG Member.


Trouble logging in?

This checklist may help you successfully login:

1) Make sure you are entering your password correctly. Passwords are case-sensitive.
2) Ensure that your browser supports cookies; if so, check the security level you are using. High levels of security restriction in certain browsers will automatically reject cookies. In order to use the key features of these forums, you'll need to accept cookies.
3) Completely logout by hitting the Logout link on the page, and then log back in again.
4) After logging in, you may have to hit the reload/refresh button on your Web browser to expedite the authentication.
5) If these steps don't work you can try purging your cookies from this site using the My Cookies tool.
6) If you continue to have problems, go to the login page. Enter your Username in the Username field and click the "I forgot my password" button. A temporary password will be generated and emailed to the email address used for the account setup. You MUST enter your Username in the Username field before you use this feature.

What is the text string that appears beneath my username in posts?

It's a system-generated User Title. Paid AVSIG members display "AVSIG Member" or "Top Gun" (forum award).  Free guest users, which have access to limited forum content, display "Public Guest."  


Forgotten password?

No problem.  We'll mail a temporary password to you.  Please visit the AVSIG login page and enter your Username in the Username field, then click the button marked "I forgot my password."  A temporary password will be e-mailed to the primary e-mail address you registered when joining AVSIG.

This process is safe because the password is only e-mailed to the original owner of the account.


Need to change your password?

You may change your AVSIG password at any time.   Please click the "My Home" option found on any page, then click on "Personal Information, email, password." To change your password, simply edit the password and verify password fields on this page. Once you have entered the new password, click "Submit" to save the information. (Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive).

How do I add an image to my message?

To add an image to an AVSIG posting you may upload a .jpg or .gif file (under 300k) as a file attachment to your post, then:

1. Post the message. 

2. Click the "Attachment" link in your displayed message to reveal the URL assignment on our server.

3. Copy the URL displayed in Step 2.  4. Edit your message (15-minute limit) to insert the image via the "Image" option in the UBB Code box.

You may also insert an image from a third-party server using the "Image" option from the UBB Code box when making your post or use the following Markup Tag:


For example, if you have an image called cateye.gif and it's available from your own website at http://www.mywebsite.com/pics, then you would use the following image markup:


Please limit image width to 700 pixels to avoid stretching the thread window into horizontal scrolling.


What are the forum rules?

AVSIG forum rules can be found in the New User Agreement with expansion in this FAQ (Expansion on AVSIG Posting Policies below)


How do I edit my profile?

Click the "My Home" link on the menu bar. At the bottom of the next screen you will see options for editing your profile.

Why should I edit my display preferences?

You can customize AVSIG's look and feel, specify how many posts you view per page, whether or not you want to view user pictures alongside posts, and much more. Once saved, these become your default settings. You may edit these preferences at any time.


How do I find posts that may already have the answer to the question I have?

You can use AVSIG's in-house "Search" function, but to be blunt, our built-in "Search" script isn't that good.   The quickest, best way to search public AVSIG messages is via Google.  Just type in the search keywords along with the term "aero-farm" and you will get a complete list of all current and cached AVSIG posts that answer the criteria.  Note that AVSIG forum posts are purged at 365 days to keep things speeding along ... another reason to use Google, since public posts that are expired in the local forum are cached and available for as long as Google maintains them.


What does the flashing envelope icon on the Menu bar denote?

It means that you have unread Private Messages. You may retrieve them via your "My Home" control panel.


What do the letters in the "received private messages" display denote?

'N' denotes an unread message.
'R' denotes a message that you've replied to.
A space denotes a message that's been read but not replied to.


What if I make a mistake in my post?

Users can edit their own posts up to 15 minutes after they are made. Where the change is substantive, you should mark the post as edited so as to alert viewers to the changed content. For cosmetic changes it's better not to do so.


What if I post in the wrong forum message area?

Please use the "Contact Us" link and provide the message subject, current forum message area, and destination forum message area.


Add more to your messages with UBB code.

The following UBB Code tags are available for your use to

[b] text [/b] = Makes the given text bold.
[email] joe@email.com [/email] = Makes the given email address clickable.
[i] text [/i] = Makes the given text italic.
[code] text [/code] = Surrounds the given text with pre tags.
[quote] text [/quote] = Surrounds the given text with blockquote and hr's. This UBBCode tag is used for quoting a reply.
[url] link [/url] = Makes the given url into a link.
[url=link] title [/url] = Makes the given title into a hyperlink pointing to link.
[*]Item 1
[*]Item 1
= Makes a bullet list. [list=A] or [list=1] will make order/numbered lists.
[color:red] text [/color] = Makes the given text red.
[color:#00FF00] text [/color] = Makes the given text green.

What is TapUBB?

TapUBB is time-traveling software.  With it you can take AVSIG's WYSIWYG UBB web forum and shoot yourself straight back to scrolling-text terminal mode 1987, give or take.  (If you don't know what "WYSIWYG" means it's best not to take this time-hopping trip.  Everything really was harder back then ... trust us).   If you are one of the original character-based online forum pioneers and you hate the speed and navigation complication of modern web forums, TapUBB may prove to be the download of your recent online life.  Longtime AVSIG member Bob Dubner forewent food, sleep, and Oprah for several weeks back in 2004 to port the grand-old-on-its-way-to-defunct TapCIS forum message automation program to AVSIG's new UBB web forum installation, assuring that the speed and efficiency of the world's premier offline forum reader continued to survive as an interface option on AVSIG.  Bob's TapUBB port works only with AVSIG, and it can only be downloaded (in case you do understand what "WYSIWYG" means but don't know what those fancy new hyperlinks are) at: http://www.dubner.com/tapubb/


Expansion on AVSIG Posting Policies


AVSIG is a peaceable place ... a wonderful place.  But as with any physical or cyber place, sometimes troublemakers pass through.  We ask these folks to nice-up once nicely, twice sternly, and then boot 'em out.  Some make a sport of dancing the line on our posting rules.  We torment them for life.   Below are definitions of the behavior we forbid in the interest of keeping AVSIG a productive use of your online time.

Personal Attacks (Flaming)

AVSIG defines a "personal attack" (flaming) as any attempt to short-cut the debate process by diverting the forum's attention to the shortcomings of other parties in the debate rather than their arguments. Practically every poster on AVSIG is intelligent, rational, compassionate, and credible, however periodically we run across posters who lack in one or more of the above areas. It is not any member's obligation to point-out any such personal shortcoming specifically or obliquely.  Personal attacks will be interpreted according to the preceding definition using keen insight, plausible misunderstanding, random whim, and pure malice.  If your online hours aren't spent trying to tell other people they're mentally or morally deficient through blunt or ever-more-clever means, you have absolutely no worries here.   (Ninety-nine percent of our members play perfectly nice, but the balance constantly complain that the above interpretation is applied to their postings based on random whim and pure malice.   We really have no idea what they're talking about).

Obscenity and Profanity

AVSIG will keep what it believes to be AVSIG community standards in mind when determining obscene or profane material. If you have a "blue" joke to tell, please tell it in e-mail, unless it's really, really well-insulated in double entendre.  Think of us as a PG-13ish kind of joint.


An advertising message is any which AVSIG forum management believes exists primarily to promote a product of any kind. Product vendors may reply to a member inquiry to answer specific questions about a product, and members who wish to sign-off messages with an internet page address, etc. may do so. Messages which appear to primarily promote a product or web address, etc. may be removed. Posting of personal property for sale/wanted and personal/commercial employment opportunities and solicitations are permitted in the "Buy, Sell, Employment" forum, and product promotion is permitted in dedicated forum sections by parties operating under a corresponding Forum Section Agreement with AVSIG.

If you ever have a question about any AVSIG policy, please contact mikeoverly@aero-farm.com

To purchase an AVSIG subscription and become an AVSIG Member, please click here.

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