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Full Throttle is a Compiled Behind the Author's Back and Presented to Him in a Shoebox Production.  John Deakin's incomparable posts on AVSIG over the years were collected up by sneaky message trolls, edited, sent off to one of those big city publishers, and the rest is history.


Pursuing Liberty by Cory Emberson and Rick Lindstrom is your authority on traditional Portuguese cooking.  Naw ... nothing of the sort.  The cover says it all.

Blood on the Snow
Blood on the Snow
is a whodunnit by the incomparable Stinson-drivin', heat-packin' S.M. Belser.  SMB's growing Kindle list can be found here.



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Books and Media by AVSIG Top Gun Bob Gardner:
The Complete Pilot
The Complete Advanced Pilot
The Complete Multiengine Pilot
Say Again, Please
ASA's Communication Trainer


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Airways and Airwaves ... Stories I Tell to Friends Ever imagine Gwinn, that smart aleck on AVSIG, in book form?  Imagine no more.  Order now ... Operators are standing by.


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The Truth & Other Lies is a collection of the best from AVSIG Top Gun Ralph Hood’s award-winning newspaper column in The Madison County Record.  If you've ever made a fool of yourself, Ralph's stories will make you look brilliant!  (Unless you've made a really, really big fool of yourself).


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Raised Southern recounts Ralph Hood's memories of first dates, illegal car racing, robbing a prison (really) and getting caught stealing peanuts at the A & P. Published after all applicable statutes of limitations expired.


Ground Clutter ... The Book
binds Ralph Hood's Airport Business "Ground Clutter" columns in one spectacular take-anywhere, leave-anywhere package.  If you've ever wanted to hold a columnist of any kind accountable for his/her musings over time but were too lazy to do it, Ralph does it for you here, with his own fast-forward editorial comments on his own past editorial comments.  Take somebody else's guilt trip for a change!


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Unfortunate Sons :  A True Story of Young Men and War is AVSIG member Larry James' account of the ambush of Charlie Company, 4th Battalion 9th Infantry (Manchu) 25th Infantry Division in the weeks following the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam.   Ninety-two American soldiers initiated this search-and-destroy mission outside Saigon, but within eight minutes 49 of those men would be dead or dying and 28 would lie wounded. Go inside the killing zone of one of the most devastating ambushes of the Vietnam War.

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The Joy of Flying is AVSIG member Robert Mark's tell-all for new pilot candidates.  Choose the right flight training programs, instructors, and aircraft ... then learn about ratings, aviation careers, and more. 


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Professional Pilot Career Guide is packed with been-there-done-that-here's-how-to-do-it-right advice from a pro: charter, corporate, and airline pilot Robert Mark.  Learn about training, interviews, testing, scheduling, and the best-paying, best-personal-fit airline careers today. 


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Pale Moon Rising is AVSIG member Scott Perdue's first novel.  Protagonist: No-holds-barred blonde fighter pilot. Antagonist: No-holds-barred al-Qaeda.  Be there.